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annnnd I just bought the Soom NS Glati Magic Boy to be chibi Izzy... LOL!

Try to do a shoot tomorrow, I miss dA and taking photos of my dorrus ;A;
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GAGA + Kiri

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 23, 2010, 9:17 PM



.....also I have my 20k kiriban in like 100 views. Not sure if I'm going to be offering anything as we all know how I suck at it (still havent fulfilled my last one) but yeah, thought it worth mentioning....




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Golden Mushroom and I'm a huge KS fan!nerd

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 8, 2010, 11:26 AM
Hotel-Moscow19 was awesome enough to give me and a bunch of other deviants a golden mushroom for our contributions to dA. Thanks! :heart: Click on the shroom to see the other awesome artists----> :thumb174062199:

So lulz I :heart: Kuroshitsuji II, I'm in total love with the new season. Makes me wanna pull a Grell and want to have its babies. But nah, instead of babies lulz, I've resorted to fanfiction.

I posted them to my other dA account first cause I wasn't sure of the reaction I would get. Didn't know if anyone would be interested in my shit writing and didn't want to embarrass myself on this account but its gotten pretty good responds both on dA and on so I thought I'd let you guys who follow me here know about it on the slight chance anyone was interested.

Pairing stories of course lulz.

A Contract Called Desire
Summary: Claude's thoughts drift around Alois and the desire that binds them and their contract. Claude/Alois

Mature Content

Her Majesty's Orders
Rated: M for sexy scenes
Summary: The Queen has written a letter requesting that her dog and spider get along. But just how far will they take those orders? And what of their butlers? Eventual yaoi, 4 parts. Alois/Ciel & Claude/Seb. Some hints of Seb/Ciel & Claude/Alois

Part 1:

Mature Content

Part 2:

Mature Content

Parts 3 & 4 haven't been written yet but soon! :D

Also I took pics of Izzy the other day so I'll post some soon!~:heart:

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8 Facts Meme [Updated 7.27.]

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 27, 2010, 2:59 PM
TAGGED AGAIN--- Multiple times actually LOL

1. Post 9 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters.
3. Post their names with their creators' avatars.
4. [Dutchie Rule] You can tag back!

Haji got tagged by R727 and Mary-Garden
1. Likes to run around without pants whenever possible.
2. Hates taking baths and has to be chased around or tricked into taking one.
3. Likes to play "pounce the bunny" with AJ [poor AJ lulz]
4. Loves to play video games, his favorite is Assassin's Creed which he almost wasn't allowed to play until Arai convinced Jarha to "stop raising him to be a puss" and let him play.  
5. Arai isn't home that often due to his line of work but when he is Haji usually tails him around the house talking a mile a minute, its cute.
6. Changes into his wolf form when he is too tired/stressed/upset.
7. Tries to be tough so he can be just like his dad Arai, which makes Arai proud but Jarha concerned XD;;
8. Has no filter, none what-so-ever. Kid says whatever is on his mind and bluntly to boot.
9. Hates when Izzy babysits him cause he makes him sit on the couch and watch soaps with him, although he usually harasses him until Izzy gives in and changes it to cartoons.

AJ got tagged by Mary-Garden and b-ki

1. Since he is really only half of his former self, the innocent chibi version, it left him a little lacking lawl. Meaning he's not the brightest crayon in the box as all the world is sunshine, lollipops and carrot sticks to him.
2. Loves naps, kid will nap anywhere anytime you just name it.
3. Easily persuaded into things so he usually needs someone looking after him.*cough*Sebbie*cough*
4. Is probably the only kid in the world who would actually prefer veggies to dessert.
5. Sometimes has nightmares about his other evil adult half although he doesn't recognize who he is, he just thinks he's a "bad man".
6. Ended up staying with Izzy and Clovis because he was dumped there on them by Enki who is Ajith/AJ's brother. Enki, who is the reason Ajith got split into two parts in the first place, is absolutely terrified of AJ since AJ has all the powers (even if they're dormant).
7. If AJ could understand the concept he would probably say he had a innocent crush on nerdyridbug's Seb.
8. Doesn't go to school because he doesn't know how to use his magic yet to hide his ears and tail, so he gets home schooled by Clovis.
9. Is a dream to babysit, not only does he love naps and is super well-behaved, the kid could entertain himself for hours with just a ball.

Clovis got tagged by b-ki
LOL I do Clovis alot in memes too so I probably will end up repeating somethings unintentionally [or kinda intentionally cause I'm lazy]  

1. Despite his current bad relationship with his twin brother, they were very close when they were younger. They didn't leave each others side until they were 8 and Vayle started his training to become king and Clovis, the second twin, was cast to the side.
2. When he initially came to the human world he met Arai and the Modolvans who helped him and Izzy get settled and start his tattoo parlor. He originally didn't think he's be good at the job but he has a natural artistic flair and was actually quite good from the start.
3. Although it was Arai who pushed him to get his first tattoo, he got the rest on his own. They don't necessarily mean anything, some do some don't but after the first one he just couldn't stop. [Has sleeves on both his arms, and tattoos on his back, chest and ankle]
4. Do to his rocker-bum like appearance from first glance he looks more intimidating than he is, but its only until you hear him talk. He always has a smile on his face and he is the type of helpful fool that would go way out of his way to help a stranger.
5. Very straight edge when it comes to smoking, drinking and recreational drugs. Also do to his mothering caring personality he always is chiding reminding Izzy to lay off the hooka and Arai to lay off substances in general lawl.
6. Although he is in a relationship with Izzy he isn't necessarily gay. He really isn't necessarily anything, he's more of the asexual type. The only real reason he would be in a relationship is because his personality loves catering to other people, so he likes the feeling doing things for others and of being needed by someone.
7. He's not to in touch with his own feelings which is a trait he shares with his brother [which is probably the reason why their relationship is still bad/non-existant], he would rather deal with other's problems than his own so he pushes his own away until he can't push anymore.
8. Eventually will give Izzy an ultimatum one day to stop cheating on him, but that isn't for a while. [LOL god bless Izzy, he tries but he can't him help himself XD]
9. Clovis acts like an old man sometimes and if his piercing parlor didn't stay open until almost morning he would probably go to bed around 9 or 10pm. He hates sleeping in because it feels like he's wasting the day.

Izzy got tagged by Tokisama and Falbet….
F lulz I feel like I’ve done character facts meme’s sooo much with this kid I don’t have any new info to add haha but lets see. There may be repeat of info lulz...

1.He has really small dainty feet for a boy so he mostly has to wear girl’s shoes. Not that it bothers him though; he thinks girl shoes are prettier anyway.
2.It’s been so long since he has he can’t remember how to genuinely smile. He use to try and practice sometimes in the mirror but it always looked awkward and unnatural so he just doesn’t try anymore, hence the constant grumpy look. He doesn’t think there are many things in his life to smile about anyway.
3.At the same time he both admires and is bitterly jealous of Clovis because he naturally comes off regal and princely even despite his tattoos and piercings.
4.Likes to watch daytime soaps, he’s angry if he misses them XD
5.Pushes most people away because he knows he will outlive them and doesn’t want to deal with the heartache of anymore loss.
6.Izzy can’t stand alcohol. Not only is he a complete lightweight but it makes him sick, on the flip side he could so totally smoke you out.
7.Is scared of shitless of birds, especially pigeons.
8.Despite his constant infidelities he is extremely jealous of anyone who even so much as looks at Clovis  XDD;;;
9.Usually has patterns of intricate henna on his hands (I really need to get around to doing that lawl).

Arai was tagged by Falbet

1.Always has a cigarette in his hand since he was 16.
2.As a werewolf he has almost instantaneous healing although he has a scar from when he was younger on his lower back that will not heal, he can't remember where he got it.
3.Is a really light sleeper. Only relaxes enough to fall into a deep sleep after one of Jarha's famous back massages.
4.Despite is rough, fuck-you-attitude and appearance he can actually clean up and act pretty sophisticate when he needs to although its hell for him.
5.The only time he and Izzy get along is if they happen to be smoking hooka (or other substances)together.
6.Has no desire to find his original pack or for that matter has no loyalty to any other werewolves which makes him quite unpopular with them.
7.He'll eat anything if he has too, but he is actually quite picky about food, lulz Jarha calls him a "snob" for it.
8.Always has to be doing something, gets fidgety and bored of things easily.
9.After Haji popped up he's secretly terrified of how many illegitimate children he might have out there XD;;

1.:iconrevilis: Ikehru (did I spell it right???)
2.:iconfalbet:’s Jam
3.:iconroosterblue:’s Chet
4.:iconnerdyridbug:’s Sebastian
5.:iconnerdyridbug:’s Lynx
6.:iconvampireangel13:'s  Alex
7.:iconmary-garden:'s cute lil msd boy who's name slips me right now
8.:iconalderwiki:'s Yue

~Also my bday is a week exactly~ YAY! I'll be 22, jeebus I'm getting old XD

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Thanks guys!!! + Photos+ Stuffs

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 22, 2010, 12:57 PM
Just wanted to thank everyone for the Llamas and birthday wishes!! Very much appreciated:heart:

I'm 22 now! Wooo-- kinda hahaha all down hill from here, I definitely don't feel 22 XDDDD;;;
I had a great birthday, spent it with friends we went to dinner and out bar hoppin' tons of fun except for we almost got into a bar fight lawl XDDD But other than that the night was a sucess hehe<33


I'm in a really weird place right now. Urgh, not feeling to inspired for a while. Might be cause of the stress of life and other things but hopefully I'll get back on track soon. Sorry I haven't been posting much. In the fall hopefully when photo classes start again will give me that boost if I don't find it by then :(

Other random stuffs....

Claude's scene was epic. Freaking epic. Alois I loved right away too since I have a soft spot for twisted lil shota boys *cough*IZZY*cough* and GRELLLLLL, my favorite homo, is back XD I love how much screen time he got in episode 3. Can't wait til we figure out whats going on and why Ciel was in a suitcase XD; Also why he seems to have amnesia of some sort? IDK

I found a kuroshitsuji doujin game too, haven't played it yet as I'm trying to download and figure out AGTH, anyone ever used it before?? Its so complicated OTL

~I HAS LADY GAGA TICKETS WOOOOOO! August 21 I'm going to see my wifey yay!

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Previews + Sales

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 23, 2010, 8:50 PM
Just wanted to get that long meme off my page ;D

Who wants to see a crappy preview phone pic of Harrier?

Was over Revilis place last night cause Falbet is here! :la: Anyway they were suppah awesomesauce and let me steal Revilis's Zen's body and Aiden's eyes (not that you can see those lovely mystics >3>) plus Falbet's Theo's wig. Basically Harry was being a thieving whore... which in fact isn't too far off from his actual character 8DP

So here's a very very extremely poor pic of the Earl himself, his Lordship Harrier von Oshin 8D

Harry! Gah, he needs his bird. A big black crow like demon bird that will chill on his shoulder lookin all "I'm gonna fuckin' peck your eyes out foo" 8D

LOL I'm aware there was more light over in the corner but for some reason when I took pics there the light was glaring off his face like a bitch and it looked bad. Like BAD >A>


Selling lots of Clothes/Shoes (Soom Heliot shoes!) , wigs, and still selling my Hati/Skoll wolf parts:

*frolics off to probably take a nap* I'm aware its like 8:30 but that's how I roll 8D

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Random+Character Facts Meme

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 18, 2010, 11:07 PM
Harrier shipped! He should be here in a week or less depending how big a d-bag customs decides to be lawl. Also since summer started and I have no TV to look forward to other than True Blood and DRRR I've started re-watching old "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" shows, they are addicting gotta love that b&w 50s TV 8D

Character Meme!
Swaggerjacked from many cause that's how I roll 8D

Write 5 3 random facts about your original characters. They can be facts about anything - personality, past, habits, etc. Tell us something new about them!

Lots of characters, some not even introduced formally yet but what the hell take them all--most of them 8D
Apologize in advance for spelling errors firefox didn't catch orz

-Has random "attacks" where he can't tell past, present and future apart. Either takes form of extreme migraines where he has tried to kill himself before to get them to stop or enters a trance where he thinks he's actually in a different time.
-Has some serious mother issues thanks to his father, >_>
-Can't die. He can get injured and heals at the rate of a normal human but he won’t actually die. Not too sure what would happen if he lost a limb though >_>

-Is a natural artist. He can paint, sculpt, draw, you name it, and he’s naturally good at it.
-Is insecure about his relationships with other people so that's where his mothering tendencies come from. He feels he had to take on other's problems so they will feel a need to have him around.
-Originally had brown-reddish hair, dyed it platinum when he left Anwnn.

-Contrary to the first impression you would get from his brash unapologetic behavior, he is actually quite educated and managed to graduate from university.
-Feels more obligation and responsibility towards Jarha and Haji than actual “love”. Although he does treats them more "tenderly" than he does anyone else so he feels this is the closest he will get to actual love.
-Despite being raised in London by his adoptive Russian family he actually can speak pretty good Japanese and travels to Japan on occasion. (Mostly to keep those Yakuza in line XD;;; )

-He’s an Egyptian jackel, which is seen as an ancient commodity so he always has to keep a low profile to avoid being sold into slave trade on the black occult market.
-Cries easily, much to Arai's dismay.
-Knows a bit of alchemy although he is not very good at it.

-Heir to Von Oshin Financial, the most influential bank in the post apocalyptic world.
-Loves birds. Loves them. Maybe a bit too much... it can get creepy at times.
-Has one half sister, May, who his parents tried to kill shortly after birth but she's alive thanks to him.
Bonus cause I feel like it:
-One of my only straight characters, although he has a weird relationship with Arai. They both have very dominating personalities, and Harrier, if he could, would want to control Arai in all aspects. It’s more about control than attraction but either way Arai ain’t being nobody's uke lawl XDDD

-Although he can never go due to having his kingdom to look after he is completely enthralled with humans and the human world.
-Can’t throw a punch to save his life. That’s okay though, he always has Darius to look after him.
-Is very self-indulgent. Although he holds royal balls often, he finds them too bland and he will often use magic to mask himself and go down into the city to dance and drink with the commoners.

-Although tempted many times, has never given into the urge to drink from Vayle.
-Doesn’t agree with most other vampires of Anwnn and though he is on the council of elders, prefers to keep to himself.
-A little “lost” since Enki’s disappearance. He’s been taking orders all his life he kind of doesn’t know what to do with himself now.

-When he first met his dad, Arai, he ended up biting him because he didn't like him. Coincidently that’s what convinced Arai he was his 8D
-Is a garbage disposal, kid will eat anything and everything… except veggies.
-Likes to run around without clothes on.

AJ [Chibi Ajith]
-Sweeter than sugar but dumber than a pile of rocks. Seriously you could probably tell this kid anything and he'd believe it bless his poor slow heart.
-Likes to take naps with Izzy when he will let him XDD;;;
-Has nightmares sometimes about his other half, adult Ajith, but he's too little to understand so he thinks it just the boogeyman.

Dr. Faust
-Cheif Doctor of Meridian Crest Asylum.
-Stopped aging at 33 and since then he can rapidly regenerate himself if harmed. Thinking he’s a human anomaly he performs experiments on some of the patients searching for an answer.  
-If he could, would have replaced his arm with a mechanical one because it would have been "more efficient". Unfortunately for him, he heals too quickly and the mechanical arm could never attach properly.

-Unofficial head of the Moldovan's. The Moldovan's are a huge family whose reach extends into politics, business, etc. Most of the family is kept in the dark about their occult dealings and only a select few members know that the most influential members actually report to Domodov.
-Even though he has a short patience for most of Arai's antics (mostly because he is the one cleaning up after his wake), he deeply respects him and considers him more loyal than some of the legitimate members of the family.
-Had a wife and daughter but they both died shortly after she'd given birth.

-Was actually the one to discover AJ had split from Ajith and dumped him off with Izzy because he "couldn't be assed to deal with a kid", even if it is technically his brother. Truth be told, he's scarred shitless of the kid XDDD;;;;
-Secretly wishes Izzy will return to him one day, he has hope in that because he knows Clovis won’t live forever and Izzy needs someone to be dependent on.
-His whereabouts are currently unknown and he is keeping an extremely low profile now that he knows the other Gods of Anwnn have awakened and are out for his blood.

Adult Ajith
-Has been searching for AJ so he can devour his spirit and restore his Godly powers, as of now he is cursed to keep repeating the life cycle of a human until he has his powers restored. Has been born and died many times over, although retains all of his memories despite this.
-Doesn't have any kind of people skills and due to his sociopathic nature is currently a resident at Meridian Crest Asylum, although he has fortunately avoided Dr. Faust's path so far.
-Has never had a good relationship with his brother Enki who if he will surely kill if given the chance.

-Also resident of Meridian Crest, self admitted though. She is a firestarter and admitted herself after accidently setting her house on fire and killing her family. [Her dad survived but she does not know that].
-Is a Moldovan and one of Domodov's nieces. She has met Arai once at a family gathering and he scared the shit out of her so she made a point to avoid him.
-She later finds out that like Arai she is adopted and is actually a supernatural as well.

-Another patient at Meridian, although he has not been so lucky as to avoid Dr.Faust's experiments.
-Thought to be a mute, but he is just too socially awkward and shy to talk to most people, Diana being the exception, although he barely speaks to her as well. He doesn't pick up on a lot of social cues either. Poor guy has a hard time.
-Due to Dr. Faust’s experiments his hair has turned a midnight blue and he’s has lost most if not all vision out of his left eye which also suffers from ptosis. [he would be quite attractive if not for that].

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Summer + Features

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 10, 2010, 7:31 PM
Its officially summer for me!
Well it was since 6pm yesterday when I turned in my Philosophy paper [which I entirely bs'd LOL]
I need to make a to do list for summer~
-Mamiya RB67 restoration project
-Paint Clovis' tattoos
-Send Arai off for faceup
-Finish Mods on Vayle
-Draw something at least once a day
-Write more story of my characters

LOL lets see how far I make it XDDDD

Features! I don't do enough of these....
Post up to 4 links to deviations of your work or of others work that you think deserved to be featured. I'm just gonna dump em all here and in no particular order so we can just have a huge orgy of arts on this journal to kick off the summmah ;D

:thumb160445420: kneeling by alderwiki at the beach by aldertree Punk Somet by anime-angel-in-dark Love Lift by anime-angel-in-dark

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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 8, 2010, 10:28 AM
You had to know I was going to make a journal entry about it.

The power of GaGa compelled me :zombie:




But enough of my babbling, watch it for yourselves!… IF THAT FAILS YOU THEN…

Its like my gay nazi s&m cyberpunk fantasy *dies*

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100 Truths Meme

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 4, 2010, 6:21 PM
100 Truths Meme

001. Name →Christina
002. Nickname → On the nets: Rebelviva, Hari, Hariberu, Hairybear, mkillappeal
IRL: Stina, nannerpuss, Stinerweiner
003. Status → Single
004. Zodiac sign → Cancer
005. Male or female → Female
006. Elementary → LOL I was a fat bitch. I was that kid that pushed you and laughed. I'M SORRY ;A;
007. Middle School → Went to a catholic school so I was more reserved and became nice LOL
008. College → Stilllll going through it, BFA Photography & Graphic Design major and Japanese minor
009. Smart → Kinda.

010. Hair color → Dark dark brown hair, looks black but looks highlighted in the sun.
011. Long or short → Short, I WANT LING HAIR THOUGH TTATT
012. Loud or Quiet → I come off reserved at first but I'm so loud once you get to know me, or once I'm drunk XD;;;
013. Sweats or Jeans → Neither? I don't like wearing pants if I don't have to.
014. Phone or Camera → CAMERA <3333333333333
015. Health freak → Yes, I try to be. Although I'm not gonna lie I eat like a fat kid from time to time.
016. Drink or Smoke? → Drink? Yes Smoke? Nothing legal XD
018. Eat or Drink → I just had Taco Time, it was amazing.
019. Piercings → I have my ears and my nipnips pierced... yes my nipples. LOL I'm crazy, I know XD;;;;
020. Tattoos → I'm wayyyy to fickle and inconsistent to get one but I keeping thinking of getting a dragon on my upper side.

023. First piercing → Ears.
024. First best friend → Since I was 4.
025. First award → I was in girl scouts so I'm sure it was some kind of fruity badge.
026. First crush → This ginger kid.
027. First pet → Doggggie
028. First big vacation → I think we went to California
030. First big birthday → 1?

049. Eating → Taco Time!
050. Drinking → Lemonade!
052. I'm about to → Do homework that I SOOOOO need to be doing.
053. Listening to → Dani bitch out Bank of America on the phone XDDD
054. Plans for today → Studying with Dani... which will turn into us gossiping after like 10 minutes, I know this already lawl.

058. Want kids? → Yes!
059. Want to get married? → I want to... I just can't picture myself married.
060. Careers in mind → The next Richard Avedon? *MEGASHOT*

068. Lips or eyes → Eyes
070. Shorter or taller? → Taller! At least a head taller, at least.
072. Romantic or spontaneous → Both!
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Hot damn, a nice stomach and you have me at 'Hello'.
074. Sensitive or loud → I hate guys who are wayyy to sensitive but I wouldn't want one that was like a jerk-off either.
075. Hook-up or relationship → Hookup? LOL (I swear I'm like the only person who put this). I'm too young for something serious. Long term commitment kinda scares me... guess I haven't found the right person.
077. Trouble maker or hesitant → Trouble maker... not like '40 to life' trouble but someone who pushes the envelope a bit is always sexy.

080. Lost glasses/contacts → MY D&G SUNGLASSES ;A;
081. Ran away from home → Yeah, but only across the street to my grandma's house so I doubt this counts.
084. Broken someones heart → No, I would feel so bad.
085. Been arrested → No
087. Cried when someone died → Yes, plenty.

089. Yourself → Not as much as I should
090. Miracles → Definitely!
091. Love at first sight → I believe in it, I just think its not the case with 99% of the people who think they've experienced it.
092. Heaven → Yes
093. Santa Claus → No
094. Sex on the first date → If there is chemistry and I'm attracted.
095. Kiss on the first date → same as above.

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Yes lol.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → No
099. Do you believe in God → Yes<3
100. Post as 100 truths and tag → Revilis and nerdyridbug DOOOOO IT!!!!

Has Zero Self Conrtol

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 2, 2010, 9:21 PM
I'm serious... I have none.

I tried to convince myself out of buying it. I rationed. It was going good. Then someone asked a question like they were going to buy it and I pounced on that shit like bitches at a Louboutin sample sale where there is only one pair of platinum pumps left and you will be damned if you're gonna let that fat bitch next to you steal 'em.


SO... ummmmm, new character coming soon ^^;

Also expect sales, cause uh, I'm gonna need monies.

Majot sidenote---

HOLYSHIT how come no one told me season 4 of The Tudors was on?!?! and since April??!?!? *races to watch them all*


Thiiiings Again + Sales

Journal Entry: Wed May 26, 2010, 10:45 PM
SO jealous of everyone graduating this spring/summer! Congrats '10! *sniff* I don't want to even talk about how long I have left. LAWL What happens I guess when you switch majors/schools in your senior year.
*trucking on*

Doll stuff:
-Hijikata!Arai won lawl. Peroth is off to a new home^^ (already sold ;P ) Hijikata!Arai is starting off his stay by being a demanding betccch and telling me I need to buy him his clothes and SD17 body TTATT
-Ordering a Spiritdoll Camphor head soonish, so my crazy pink haired scientist and demi-god Dr.Faust can be realized.
-Also summer is approaching soon which means I will have lots of time setting at my office desk doing nothing lawl. So if anyone thinks my characters are interesting enough, not that you would really know since I feel like I never really say much about them. Let me know if you wanna RP. I'm feeling adventurous~ I'm still kinda a n00b at it though.

Still selling Afi hooves and Hati/Skoll paws (hands and feet) PM me if interested.



Journal Entry: Fri May 21, 2010, 11:36 AM
Is anyone else having trouble submitting to groups? Or does this new layout just fail on my ghetto work computer? :| I keep on getting error messages...

Also pancakes, I have them... and they are delicious ;A;

That is all.

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Yay for coherency!

Journal Entry: Thu May 13, 2010, 11:02 AM
Yay for coherency!
I've been drugged up on meds since Sunday. Nothing serious just a small surgery but it hurt like a bitch. I still can't sit down though ;A; So I've been like a bum laying down all week XD I'm starting to get antsy though. Gah, I should do homework I'm so far behind it aint even funny... ;A;

Also keep on the look out for me updating my WTT Peroth thread for a FS thread, probably after I can get enough energy to make it to the post office. My mom made me walk around the block and I almost passed out XD;; LOL nice to know this is what laying down for 5 days will do to me XD;;;

BUT FUCK, Crobidoll needs to update soon with more info on their new anniversary doll/dolls I get paid freaking tomorrow and need to know if I should wait for the new doll or go ahead and get the Jerome. Of course though they haven't told us shit besides update their layout all pretty *flips a table*-- *faints from overexertion* OTL

Not to mention if going along with schedule, this is the month for Soom to release a new teenie. I'm WEAK for a soom teenie, WEAK I say!! orz I'm hoping that neither tempt me too bad so I can get Jarha like I've been failing planning to do for the last 2 months.

One more thing DURARARA~ tis awesome! Since I've had nothing to do I've been watching it like mad. If anyone finds any ShizuoxIzaya doujins, pass that ish this way plz ^^

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Journal Entry: Tue May 4, 2010, 11:01 AM
Because I'm delaying until the last possible minute that I have to get up and go to Philosophy class. Ffff Walden and his damn couch house LAWL.

Stolen from blindflower

Comment on this journal and I will:

1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which colour you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favourite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favourite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

ETA-- I has a tumblr! You can follow me, has more stuffs about me than dolls (actually no doll stuff atm ;A;) but other photos that I take! >3<

Sales (Doll+Clothes) and WTT:Peroth for

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 30, 2010, 6:55 PM
Doll sales

Large doll
Crobi M-line body - $450 details here:…

Tiny doll
Afi hooves - $140 (but make me an offer its cool) details…


Reshelling Arai:D So my Peroth head for your Hijikata Toushizo head? Straight trade for heads although I may be willing to pay a lil extra but I think they should be around the same price (ridic markups aside), idk :/ Note me here or PM me on doa. Not interested in selling him just yet, maybe in a month or so if there are no trades and after I make two doll purchases I'm planning. I am interested in buying his clothes and SD17 body too so just let me know if you want to sell him fullset but I'd rather not take the eyes or wig.

Doll Clothes sales
60-70cm boy clothes
Ajumapama, Anotherspace, Cotin doll, B&G, etc.
Click here for doa thread:…
Here to see photobucket pic:…

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Best Thing Ever... Almost

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 12:20 PM
Haha you know those things that randomly happen on a fluke and you are like SHITTHISISAWESOME until you realize that something's missing that makes it not as awesome, LAWL. Well that happened to me today XD I got Izzy's body a couple days ago and just restrung it (still a bit floppy) and was trying out a couple poses. I was going to do a photoshoot when I realized his wig is completely missing OTL and what do you know? I get the best pose ever!


LOL, this will never happen again. Clovis is shit at standing (even though he is hot-glued) and has been known to knock down other dolls XD;;; Izzy's body can stand well enough on its own but tends to flop. Man, I wish I had that wig lawl. I had to take a pic of it cause I don't think anyone would believe me I got this to happen hahaha. Awww Izzy looks so pissed and Clovis just wants love.... :iconilickitplz:

Also note the boots Izzy is wearing, they pretty much rock my world haha, they were supposed to be for Jarha but I'm pretty sure Izzy isn'r gonna give them up haha.

Hopefully I'll be able to take more pics soon I'm SWAMPED with stuff for school DX

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WTS Monzo Horns + Crobidoll

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 21, 2010, 2:32 PM
Hey hey

If any of you are thinking of getting a Soom Monzo and don't want those horns let me know!

I put that crobidoll split up a couple days ago. Here's the link… Basically, you get body, I get head, I pay for EMS (and shipping to you if applicable see thread for details).

Mmmm, that's it, relatively short journal this time.

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 18, 2010, 2:43 AM
Best stuff firsts

I got Izzy his new body! 60cm so he will be nice and short :3 danceTOpopcorn I WILL do your kiriban that you won FOREVER ago first thing!! I swear OTL ~ Bread finally got back to me to confirm payment so hopefully Haji will be in the mail this week? Maybe? *dies from waiting* If she didn't do such an amazing job I'd be kinda peeve'd XD

Also I went into the studio to do my first official photoshoot with a person! I was excited cause this is just the first step towards me being a fashion photographer--- well kinda XD;; It was pretty much just me and my friend Dani goofing off and making penis jokes the entire time with lighting equipment but LAWL we will just pretend like it was legit...

I've been just trying to keep busy I've been having a rough couple days with the death of a close relative which came as rather a surprise to me. I wont say much about it here since its personal for me and out of respect for my relative but I felt like I should say it in case anyone noticed I was acting weird (which probably wont happen anyway since I'm good at not being overly emotional in public situations but just in case). Blah, I'm dealing with it, I just want to focus on other things though but it really makes you appreciate the people around you and in your life. HUG THEM!

Anyway lets end on a good note, I hate emotional/woah-is-me journals...
I should be getting some extra funds around the first so I should be able to place an order for Jarha! I couldn't this week cause my computer got a virus so I had to spend some of that money fixing it. Also this is where the WTS in the title comes in, anyone want that Crobidoll body? I'd be willing to pay free EMS shipping to them from Crobidoll?? Any takers, I'm too lazy tonight but I'll make a doa thread on it tomorrow XD I decided I'd rather not have him be 63cm so I don't want the body anymore :/

THATS IT! I hope you all are doing well <3 hopefully later I can post some of the pics I took with Dani today :)

BTW--If anyone can make heads or tails of exactly WTF Thoreau is talking about in Walden, hit me up cause I have questions and he makes zero sense to me... he's currently talking about making baskets IDK its probably some life riddle but right now its ---WOOSH *over my head motion*


HEYGURLHEY--- its a meme!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 12, 2010, 7:01 PM
Swaggerjacked from errrryone and they mamas LOL
but specifically

1. How many dolls do you have?
5 dollehs, 6 if you include the Regen head which may or may not end up being Vayle one day...

2. What are their names? + 3. What are their molds?
Istok Antonescu III [Crobidoll Yeon HO]
Clovis Caleb Benoît D’Artagnan (FUCK that was alot to type) [LUTS Howl]
Arai Moldovan [Esthy Peroth]
Haji Bak-Moldovan [Soom Skoll]
AJ/Chibi Ajith [Soom Afi]

4. How long have you been in the BJD hobby?
Since May of 2008 almost, 2 years C:

5. Do you RP? If so, who is/was your favorite person to RP with?
LAWL! I actually just started recently with :iconrevilis: and once with :iconfourdaysofdeath:. Its really fun! To be honest I was terrified at first haha but I want to RP more! XD

6. Who is/was your favorite character to RP with?
Istok. Hands down haha, gotta love this snarky kid. I haven't yet to RP with Arai, I really want to though!

7. How many dolls have you ever sold?
2 full dolls plus 3 heads.

8. Out of all of those, who do you miss the most?
Nah, not really cause they just didn't fit the character. My sapphira though I definitely miss just because he was so cute but it didn't make sense for me just having a random doll that didn't fit in anywhere.

9. What is your favorite thing in this hobby?
My dolleh friends, I've met some amazing new friends *cuddles them*

10. Who is the first BJD that ever entered your house/that you ever saw in real life?
My B&G Elves,  I  got them for my bday and they arrived the same day.

11. Who is the first BJD you ever fell in love with?
A B&G Sapphira, freaking cute man, freaking cute. <3

12. What is the most you've spent on a doll (the actual doll itself)?
Haji. Hands down. Paid like 255 + traded a $150 head just for the PAWS and then another $300 for the blank human doll. I suppose when I do get Arai his body he might actually be a tad bit more since I paid $400 for his head.

13. What is your favorite photoshoot/photo you ever took of any of your dolls?
You look Familiar by RebelViva

14. What is your funniest memory with any of your dolls?
My first photoshoot with my B&G sapphira I went up into the arboretum behind my old university and I sat him on the edge of the path although in order to get the shot had to stand on the opposite side crouched down in some bushes. Well this jogger came by and didn't see me but saw it and was so shocked almost faceplanted. OHSHITMAN I laughed so hard XD;;;

15. What is your saddest memory with any of your dolls?
When Izzy faceplanted and chipped the makeup on his nose.

16. Have you ever had a dream about your doll? If so, what was it about?
YUS LOL. So I was camping in the RV in the middle of nowhere with my friend and her family and there were these tan dolls in this cabin by the RV and they came to life and started to kill everyone. Well my dolls who I happened to bring came to life too but they just kinda sat there and watched like "that effin sucks for you dude" and didn't help us D; LOL too bad I could totally see shit going down like that especially with Istok and Arai ;A;

17. Which BJD out of yours would you never sell in a million years?
It changes with my mood LOL. Right now Clovis, I love his face too much and I think even though I have tons of luffs for Izzy, Clovis is the character who is most like me and I couldn't sell myself ;O;

18. Name one thing that makes you irked in the BJD hobby.
HOHOHO don't get me started. Long story short though some people need to start redirecting all this money spent on dolls to some profession help to insure their mental stability. Real talk.

19. Would you ever consider "leaving" the hobby?
Nah, not permanently at least. I do think they are distracting sometimes from my school as being a photomajor is expensive and a new lens can equal a new doll :/ I wouldn't leave the community though even if I wasn't actively collecting, Ive met too many cool peeps.

20. Who is the newest character you've thought up?
Oz/Ozryel who I probably wont be getting for a long while lolol

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